Library Value Calculator

Is the Library your resource for borrowing books or DVDs? Do you bring children to puppet shows or attend open mics or discussion groups? The Library experience is unique for each of us.

The average tax cost for Library services in HRM is $4.97 a month, per household. Have you ever wondered how much money the Library saves you and your family each month? Enter the number of monthly uses you make of each of the Library’s major offerings and let the calculator compute your total savings. Hold your mouse over each item to learn how we determined the retail price.

When you’re finished, let us know how you get the most out of your library by using our comments form. We’d love to hear what you get out of the library!

Your Use Library Service Service Value
Total Value (per month):
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Other services you might use but which aren’t listed here are those supporting adult and youth literacy, English language learning and computer training, all offered in one on one tutoring sessions; volunteer opportunities for adults and teens; annual tax preparation assistance; and homework assistance.