Media Release

For immediate release April 6, 2009

New Woodlawn Library Location Announcement 

The Woodlawn Public Library is about to triple in size. “Halifax Public Libraries is pleased to announce the new Woodlawn Library to open in November 2009 where Empire Theatres is currently located at 650 Portland St. in Dartmouth,” said Judith Hare, CEO of Halifax Public Libraries. Council approval is required before the 20-year lease can be finalized.

The Woodlawn Library first opened in 1975 and is currently located in the Woodlawn Staples Plaza. The new location will feature 17,700 square feet of space, including a large program room and a 100-seat theatre. The library will have two self-check machines, defined areas for children, teens and adults, study areas, a computer area and free parking. There will also be more materials on the shelves. The site is well-served by transit routes and provides safe pedestrian access.

“This location was chosen because it will best serve current and future users. It will be designed to be operationally efficient and have multiple uses. The new library will be a welcoming community hub that will meet the needs and expectations of library users,” said Hare.

Construction is anticipated to start in May and finish in September. In October, the library will make preparations for opening, with a move-in date of November 2009. For more information, visit halifaxpubliclibraries.ca.


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Marlo MacKay
Communications Officer
Halifax Public Libraries