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For immediate release April 27, 2011

Halifax Public Libraries Mobile Service to be Discontinued

Service ends September 3, 2011

Halifax, NS -- Halifax Public Libraries will discontinue its mobile library service, effective September 3, 2011. The service was not funded for the 2010-2011 operating budget. The library made adjustments to its 2010-2011 budget in order to plan a transition for the mobile service; funding for library collections and technology were reduced in order to fund the service for one year.

As these reductions were not sustainable for future operating budgets, and funding has not been reinstated in this year’s draft HRM operating budget; therefore, an alternative service delivery solution is required.

The library undertook a detailed review of mobile service which clearly shows that use of the mobile library has been declining for several years. Many residents prefer to drive to a full-service library rather than use a mobile stop in their community.

We understand that many residents are attached to mobile service. However, in an age of rising fuel costs and changing community needs, the mobile is no longer effective in meeting many communities' demands for service.

In a total circulation of 4.9 million items borrowed per year, only 55,000 are attributed to the mobile service, representing 1% of the total library circulation.

Most people who are currently served by the mobile library also use a branch library. Our research shows that more often, these library goers are using branches more than they use the mobile service. Branch libraries provide a better range of services to meet customer needs and the needs of their communities; larger collections, access to computers, meeting rooms, programs and special services such as literacy and English language tutoring.

Service will continue to be provided through nearby branches, or through the Books By Mail service.

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Jen Thompson
Communications Officer
Halifax Public Libraries