Excuse us while we freshen up…and meet you in the community!

Improvements are being made July 24-28

Bedford Public Library is brightening our customer service space with a few smart changes here and there.

What’s changing?

  • A new one-stop spot for getting answers to questions and borrowing materials
  • More sit-down two-hour computer stations
  • New study tables

Mark your calendars

  • Branch hours – closed July 24-28, re-opening July 29
  • Book drop – out of service end of day July 22, re-opening July 29
  • Borrowing – Materials will be available at community events from July 25-28
  • Due dates – Community members checking out materials up to July 22 will enjoy them for an extra two weeks to ensure that they can be returned to a location convenient to you.
  • Programs – four special events are planned every day from July 25-28

While we freshen up, we are in the community with you

Take a look at the community events we have planned from July 25-28. You will see us pop-up at some of our favourite community places, such as:

Bedford Refresh Project is an expression of Halifax Public Libraries’ Strategic Plan: Ideas to Action, 2017-2021. We are creating vibrant spaces and meeting people where they are, and we hope you enjoy the results.


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