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What’s Happening?

Your Dartmouth North Public Library and Community Centre is venturing outside its walls!

The Dartmouth North Public Library and Community Centre has been the heart of its community since 1995. And now, it’s time for a breath of fresh air. Renovations will begin Summer 2017 to greatly improve our shared outdoor spaces and the ways we use them to share, learn, and grow.

The outdoor improvements are Phase 1 of the Dartmouth North Renovation project and have been made possible by a grant from the TD Common Ground Project and HRM capital funding.


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Creating Vibrant Spaces

Library and recreation programming in the great outdoors awaits!

A furnished outdoor library; new playground; improved landscaping; and free 24-hour WiFi will take the Dartmouth North Public Library and Community Centre beyond its walls and build on its legacy. 

We anticipate Phase 2 of the Renovation Project –interior changes - will begin in late 2018.



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Project News

More dates coming soon!

Preview Picnic
July 11, 2017 | 10:00am-12:00pm | Dartmouth North Community Centre Outdoor Space

Join us for a free picnic and interactive experience that will give a hint at the fun to come in the new and improved space! This event is rain or shine.


Community Show & Tell
May 17, 2017
The Library and Parks & Recreation were proud to host a community gathering to share conceptual plans for the space and celebrate the generous support of our donors.

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What is the Dartmouth North Renovation Project?

The outside of the Dartmouth North Community Centre is going under construction. 

Grassy areas, parking, and the playground will all be updated, and some new areas will be created. The Library and Parks & Recreation will be able to run programs and try new things outside. The outside of the Community Centre will be made safer and more modern.

Once the outside of the Community Centre is renovated –Phase 1, an inside renovation will begin-Phase 2. The details of the inside renovation are still being decided. We are working with the community to find out what changes are needed.

When do the renovations start and when will they end?

The outdoor renovations will begin August 2017 and be finished in October 2017.

We anticipate indoor renovations will begin in late 2018. This timeline is still in the works.

Can I still use the Library and Community Centre during the renovations?

Yes. The outdoor renovations will not change the open hours of the building or the programs inside.

When the indoor renovation timeline is ready, we will share any changes to programs or open hours.

Why is the renovation happening?

The Dartmouth North Community Centre was built in 1995. The building and outdoor space around it need to be updated to match the community’s needs in 2017. Renovations will help the Library and Community Centre to run better programs. Renovations will also help the space look more modern.


Where did the money come from?

Halifax Public Libraries and Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) applied for funds from the TD Common Ground Project. The TD Common Ground Project gives money to projects that bring new life to green spaces across Canada and our idea was one they selected. On top of this money, we received funding from HRM’s capital budget.

Plans and funding for the inside renovation are still being determined.


What will the outdoor space be like after the renovations?

The outside of the Dartmouth North Public Library and Community Centre will have:

-A furnished outdoor library
-A new playground
-Free 24-hour WiFi that can be used outside even when the building is closed
-Better walkways
-Fun spaces for outdoor Library and Recreation programs
-New windows and doors leading out to the outdoor library
-Improved landscaping
-Improved safety
-Improved accessibility

What is an outdoor library?

Outdoor libraries are a new idea in Canada. The vision is for this space is for the Library to be able to spill into the community. Halifax Public Libraries is proud to launch a space that has all the regular benefits of a library – connection, learning, growth – combined with fresh air and active living. 

How can I share my ideas or concerns?

-Share your input at the Dartmouth North Community Centre on our comments board
-Stay tuned at the Community Centre and halifaxpubliclibraries.ca for public events

How can I find out about the progress of the project?

-Updates will be posted at Dartmouth North Community Centre and on the What’s Up section at halifaxpubliclibraries.ca
-Major updates will be shared on the @hfxpublib Twitter account
- You can also call the Library at (902) 490-5840


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