My Library email reminders are missing/late

Problem solved

A series of email reminders from Halifax Public Libraries have caused confusion.

  • If you have received an email asking you to return a Library item and you have already returned it, please know this email was sent in error and we have addressed the problem.
  • If you have received an email informing you that your hold is ready to be picked up and the holding period is set to expire on April 19, April 20, and April 21, please know we have extended the deadline to the end of day April 22.

Re-request assistance

  • If you did not receive an email notification about holds that came in during this period, and these holds have now expired – we apologize sincerely. Please let us know and we will happily re-request any such titles and ensure you are next in line to get them.

What happened

Automatic email reminders about borrowed items and holds were unknowingly held back from April 8-19 due to a technical error. When the error was corrected, a flood of old reminders were sent to Library customers.

Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. We are better together.

If you have any continuing concerns about the status of your account, then please do not hesitate to call your local branch.


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