Repaving at Keshen Goodman, October 25-27

Our parking lot is getting some TLC.

  • Update: Due to various reasons, the completion date for HRM's repaving project has been extended. On Monday, October 30, crews will resume work, and on Tuesday, October 31, they will begin painting new parking lines.

Starting Wednesday, October 25, HRM will have paving crews and equipment working on maintenance of the parking lot at Keshen Goodman Public Library.

What is being repaved.

The paving will include the first “driveway” from the entrance down to the front of the building and will tie in with the repaving they did last year.

What repaving means for you.

Community members can expect there to be some noise and fewer parking spots. Three of our accessible parking spaces will be unavailable during this brief period of time.

Lates update made on October 30, 2017


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