The Sackville Seed Exchange’s List of Non-Edible Plants

Photo: Castor Bean plant has seeds that look like beans but are poisonous.

Sometimes it’s not all in the name. Plant names can sound like food but are not edible.

With harvest season on the horizon, we want to remind members of the Sackville Seed Exchange that some seeds produce ornamental plants—which are not meant to be eaten.

List of non-edible plants in Sackville Seed Exchange

  • Castor Beans*
  • Juana’s Orange Amaranth
  • Milk Weed
  • Virginia Tobacco
  • Yellow Daylilies

*While the inside of the Castor Bean plant has a hard seed that looks like a bean, they are poisonous to humans and pets. It’s the kind of plant you want to look at but not eat.

Gardeners, enjoy your harvest. And remember the song…

“If you don't know just what it is…Don't You Put It in Your Mouth.” – VIDEO: Don’t You Put It in Your Mouth – 1993 Public Service Announcement

If you have any questions about the Sackville Seed Exchange or about non-edible plants in the collection, please contact Library staff at 902-865-8653.


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