Three New Paws® to Read Programs Added

Good news, young readers. Three new puppies are here to help you.

Welcome to Alderney Gate, Rosebud!

Welcome to Central Library, Hudson!

Welcome to Woodlawn, Sophie!

Rosebud, Hudson, and Sophie are hardworking and gentle dogs called on by the Paws to Read® literacy program to help young readers. They are friendly dogs with a readiness to listen to stories and a soft spot for young people. Their secret power is acceptance. When they listen to people read, they are always by their side, accepting any stumbles or hesitations readers encounter when building their reading skills.

Paws to Read® is a partnered program taking place at various locations across the Halifax Public Libraries system. Alderney Gate Public Library and Woodlawn Public Library are its latest additions.

Alderney Gate
Every second Saturday/1-2 p.m.
with Rosebud
Call 902-490-5748 to register
First session begins January 21

Mondays/5-6 p.m.
with Hudson
Call 902-490-5707 to join the waitlist
First session begins January 16

Wednesdays/4-6 p.m.
with Sophie
Call 902-490-2744 to register
First session begins early January

More programs at other branches.

Corrections made since initial posting: Hudson is new to Central Library and not Woodlawn. 


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