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Looking to our past. Building our future.

The Cobequid Past & Future project is a collaboration between Bedford and Sackville Public Libraries. It works to engage people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ages to record milestones and achievements of the past, while generating conversation and building a legacy for the future.

This project is made possible by the Province of Nova Scotia in partnership with the Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage. 

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Shaping Our Story

We have been hosting a wide variety of engaging community events this summer, ranging from educational sessions on the history of the Bedford Basin, to an exploration of Mi’kmaq Traditional and Spiritual cultures.

Through these projects, our shared Cobequid story is slowly emerging. We are preserving these pieces of our past through the legacy component of this project, including a wooden time capsule, which will be locally-made.

Here are a few recent highlights:

Memories of Cobequid Past

On May 24 in Bedford, local residents shared scrapbooks and memories with the Library. A lively, colourful vision of Cobequid past emerged.

 Back row (left to right) Irene Cooper (Poirier), Sandi Little (McGuiggen), Helen Murray Archibald. Front row (left to right) Anne White, Lori Murray, Miles Thompson.

From Woody’s Termites to April Wine
"Through those high school years, there were dances on Saturday night in Bedford at the old fire hall, and Woody’s Termites played. The lead singer for Woody’s Termites was none other than Miles Goodwin, who went on to April Wine fame, with Jimmy Henman, and a couple of the other Henmans, and some other young men, and the rest is history. They’re still all playing, sometimes together, even these days."
– Anne White

The Perks of Plumbing at Fall River East School
“When I started school [in 1957], I started in a one-room school house with a wood-burning stove in the centre, and an outdoor toilet, believe it or not. It was cold in the wintertime when you had to go to the bathroom, and you’re five-years-old, trudging through the snow. The desks had the little inkwells, and two people at a desk, exactly as you would see in Anne of Green Gables. The big school—the new school—did open in January, and it had two rooms. It housed grade primary to grade twelve in those two rooms, and it had indoor plumbing! We thought that was such a blessing. It was called Fall River East School." 
- Sandi McGuiggen

Walking in to the Drive-In
“One of the things that, of course, I grew up with was the Sackville Drive-In. It was walking distance from our house, so in my teenage years we used to walk down to the Drive-In, put the speaker on, and watch the movies there, without a vehicle. I think I only went once in a car to Sackville Drive-In.”
- Helen Murray Archibald

Dancing at the Bedford Yacht Club
“During the summer, there were dances at the yacht club. There was a girl I was sweet on. I’d go to the dance, spend the whole dance trying to screw up the courage to ask her to dance, and then go home again. ‘Maybe next week.’ I don’t know what it was like for the girls, but that’s what it was like for this guy.” 
– Miles Thompson


How it Flows: The Sackville River through time









What is the 150 Forward: Cobequid Past & Future Project?

The project is a collaboration between Bedford and Sackville Public Libraries. It works to engage people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ages to record milestones and achievements of the past, while generating conversation and building a legacy for the future.

There are two components to the project: Storylines, and the Cobequid Workshop & Speaker Series.

What is the Storylines component of the project?

Storylines is an initiative that aims to record the lives and memories of community members to create a lasting legacy in an online portal. Community members are encouraged to contribute to the project over an eight-month period by submitting photos, letters, and art, or by sharing memories through in-person interviews.

What is the Cobequid Workshop and Speaker Series component of the project?

The Cobequid Workshop and Speaker Series is focused on celebrating the heritage of the Cobequid region. Drawing on the expertise of local heritage organizations and educational institutions, Bedford and Sackville Public Libraries will offer an exciting series for all ages. From the Mi’kmaq Petroglyphs in Bedford to the rich history of the Sackville River, there is plenty to discover.

When did the project begin? When does it end?

Cobequid Past & Future programs began in June 2017. Programs are scheduled for throughout Summer and Fall 2017, until the end of December. However, the goal is for the community sharing and connections it cultivates to continue long after official completion. Legacy pieces such as a web portal and a kids and teen time capsule are in place to ensure the project has long-lasting effects.

How did this project come to be?

Halifax Public Libraries received funding from the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage / Province of Nova.

The Libraries are fortunate to have the support of local Councilors, Fultz House Museum, and Scott Manor Museum. Schools, the Community Health Team, local business community, and youth volunteers are also being engaged. Community involvement is the key to success with this project and its growth.

What types of programs are taking place?

Cobequid Past & Future programs will be added on the Halifax Public Libraries website and in our program listings throughout the 8 months of the project. Community members can expect program experiences to be shaped by them: their contributions, requests, and stories. They will be fully engaged in the way our Cobequid past and future/ “living” histories are documented. View upcoming programs


How can community members get involved in the project and stay up to date?

- View Bedford and Sackville Public Libraries’ program schedules online

-Pick up or download a copy of the Library’s monthly printed and digital program listings

-Follow us on social media for key program promotions and story-sharing. We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as @hfxpublib.

-Stay tuned in to local community organizations and media. We will be sharing information with our partners.

-Visit Bedford Public Library, or call (902) 490-5740 

-Visit Sackville Public Library, or call (902) 865-8653.



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