Hello my name is RBdigital

It's time to switch your app for a new and better e-magazine experience.

The people behind Zinio for Libraries have grown and rebranded their services. It’s time to update to RBdigital.

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Better experience

With a new name comes a promise of improved service.

  • Significantly improved user experience and navigation
  • Streamlined borrowing-to-reading within the app
  • Simple menu structure and expanded help pages for all user levels

What do you do?

  • Get out your Library Card for Halifax Public Libraries.
  • Download the new RBdigital app and register with your card number.
  • OPTIONAL: Review your Zinio e-newsstand and write down the e-magazines you want to add to your new e-newsstand.
  • Delete the old Zinio for Libraries app.
  • Enjoy the improved experience.

How much time do I have to switch?

The RBdigital app is ready now as of June 28, 2017. The Zinio for Libraries app will eventually be disabled and no longer supported by the app developers. You have time, but it's best not to wait.

What is an e-newsstand for libraries?

A public library can subscribe on behalf of its community members to a selection of e-magazines. People with Library Cards can download the app, browse what e-magazines are on offer, and pick which titles they want on their e-newsstand.

The service is provided by a third party, in this case RBdigital, and support for app experiences is provided by RBdigital. Only your Library Card number will be known to the third party along with any other terms and conditions they disclose.


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