Fun, Fearless, Frank—#HOTCity podcast

Heart of the City (HOTCity) is a new podcast with a big attitude.
It is fun, fearless, and frank, and made at your Library.

About HOTCity

Looking at the sharper edges is what HOTCity is all about.

Episodes not only focus on issues—The Art of Complaining, Our Weather Obsession, Love Hali-style, and more—they also feature original pieces performed by local artists will premiere weekly.

reachAbility came to Halifax Public Libraries with a podcast concept hard to resist. In November and December, the Library has been helping reachAbility's creative team produce nine episodes by offering up a place and recording know-how.

HOTCity can be heard weekly (get your notification) and you can listen to past episodes on Soundcloud, and on the HOTCity webpage.

Get closer to your Heart of the City.

HOTCity Team

Host: Tova Sherman is the host of our new podcast as well as the CEO and co-founder of reachAbility. She is the recipient of various awards including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her Service to Canada and Nova Scotia. Tova’s passion for all that is Halifax is at the heart of the show.

Expert: Dr. Bruce Mills is a reoccurring guest for the show. Dr. Mills is an award-winning psychologist researcher with specializations in the medical and psychiatric aspects of HIV disease, mental health, palliative care and health policy.


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