Introducing Cloud Cookbooks

Halifax Public Libraries is the pioneer public library system for a new website that takes a novel approach to online recipes.


  • Cloud Cookbooks gives our community members instant access to 3,000 recipes across 40+ local cookbooks.You can search by ingredient, dish, prep time—or look for something specific, such as a seasonal fall Italian recipe.
  • As a selection of recipes appears, one click takes you to the recipe in the original cookbook.
  • The many beautiful images of finished dishes make these recipes irresistible.
  • Users of the site will recognize Halifax chef Craig Flinn’s five cookbooks, and others by leading Canadian authors like Elizabeth Baird, whose Best Recipes from the Maritime Provinces cookbook is featured on the site.
  • Many of the dishes on Cloud Cookbooks were sourced from leading restaurants in Nova Scotia and across Canada. There are 69 chowder recipes on the site, including 30+ from eating spots on the province’s Chowder Trail. And there are 29 cookie recipes, including lots that are great for holiday baking.


While the Library already gives everyone access to print cookbooks to borrow, Cloud Cookbooks is an innovative way to provide access to these books digitally.

Cloud Cookbooks has been developed by Formac Publishing of Halifax in consultation with Halifax Public Libraries. The developers at Formac are looking for user feedback, and plan to offer the site to other public library systems across the country in the new year.

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