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September 2017

Alderney Gate

Drop by and look for the display across from the information desk on the first floor.

Halifax Central Library - The Sunroom

Artist: DeeDee Morris

We Are the Wild

August / September

Opening Night takes place August 8/6 p.m.

The stories of our lives are connected. As women, these stories seem to be connected in a unique way, a way that offers passion and depth, which goes inside and draws on something to give wholly to our self and to others. What is this? What is the relationship with self that women seem to tap into and understand and bring forth in order to connect to both themselves and others on a level that goes beyond?

‘We Are the Wild’ is a project that explores the relationship women has with their innate, instinctual Self and what lies behind those instincts, the Wild Self. What does each woman’s relationship with her Wild sound like, what does it feel like and what does it look like?  How does one connect with and maintain a relationship with their Wild Woman?

DeeDee Morris is a self-taught fine art portrait photographer as well as the owner of DeeDee Morris Photography, an all-inclusive photography business. She has participated in several group shows in Nova Scotia and British Columbia and 3 solo shows in Nova Scotia. She has lived in Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia where she currently resides on the Eastern Shore with her husband and twin daughters. She has been working on We Are the Wild for the past two years, while also learning the ropes of motherhood. Her fine art portraits, while asking the viewer to look deeper into her images, strive to reveal the story of every person she photographs.

Sackville Public Library

Please note: Advance bookings for display time at Sackville branch are open. The Library welcomes any medium of art suitable to the size of the display area, and artists can be from Sackville or anywhere. Interested artists are encouraged to call 902-869-4449.

Artist: Barbara Carter

Barbara’s artwork, found in many collections, focuses on responding symbolically to images. Barbara loves creating images of faces, birds, and archetypes such as the queen and the warrior. She is interested in art as a form of healing and getting in touch with the inner self, connecting mind, body, and spirit.

About the artist

Barbara Carter is a self-taught artist who grew up on the South Shore. Becoming an artist was not encouraged in her younger years, and her lack of resources led her to initially create images in the material available to her at the time—fabric.
Over the years, Barbara’s struggles with carpal tunnel syndrome prevented her from continuing to create hand-stitched images. She began instructing art classes, where she explored other media and began creating works filled with vibrant colours. She has succeeded at finding an expression of art that is uniquely her own.

Barbara will be teaching free art workshops at the Sackville Public Library this fall. To learn more or register, please call 902-865-3744.


Tantallon Public Library

Artist: Jerry Walsh

Jerry designs and creates wood home and garden accents – interesting, distinctive, functional, solid and rustic.  Woods with character, texture and colour are used and driftwood from the Atlantic Ocean is added to accent each unique creation. For more information, please see the below contact information.