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October 2017

Alderney Gate

Drop by and look for the display across from the information desk on the first floor.

Halifax Central Library - The Sunroom

Find out about Art at Halifax Central in The Sunroom. We are accepting applications now.

Sackville Public Library

Please note: Advance bookings for display time at Sackville branch are open. The Library welcomes any medium of art suitable to the size of the display area, and artists can be from Sackville or anywhere. Interested artists are encouraged to call 902-869-4449.

Artist: Ted Coldwell


Ted Coldwell has always been fascinated and awed by the way light magically creates beauty from the mundane as well as the beautiful. He is drawn to the simplicity created by form, shape, and especially colour. As a fine art photographer, Ted’s goal is to celebrate the beauty of creation. All of his images strike a chord in him. He hopes you enjoy his music.

About the artist

Ted Coldwell is a fine art photographer based in Halifax.

Tantallon Public Library

Artist: Hooked Rug Museum of North America

Hooked Rugs

About the artist

The Hooked Rug Museum of North America has over 8500 sq ft of floor space showcasing historic and contemporary rug hooking art and artefacts. We have the Noah’s Ark hooked by Mary Sheppard Burton as a permanent exhibit; two Rug Hooking Artists of the Year showcasing contemporary work; new group exhibits yearly; and a number of workshops and hook-ins throughout the season. For more information please visit our website at

Special program with artist: Please join these talented artists and watch them in action! Join the Rug Hookers and/ or bring your own to work on or ask questions and watch them work right before your eyes during their HOOK-IN on Saturday, November 25 from 10 -4pm at the Tantallon Public Library.


Woodlawn Public Library

Artist: Robert E. Williams

Acrylic paintings

"I work through an intuitive process that is a reaction to mark making, materials, and the world around me. The images are not preconceived; they are automatic drawings and paintings that surface like improvisational music. Each mark, colour or shape influences the next, reacting to what is happening during the act of creation. There is an abstract narrative quality to the work; a dialogue forms in the relationship between the shapes, lines, colours and materials to take each piece to its completion."

About the artist

Born Kitchener, Ontario, Robert E. Williams' creative background is extensive: drawing, painting, photography, collage, digital art, artist books, animation and film. As an artist, he continues to experiment in both traditional and digital mediums.

Robert E. Williams has a diploma for a three Year Film Program, Conestoga College and received his Bachelor of Fine Art from NSCAD. He has worked in animation in Toronto, as a graphic designer and illustrator, and is an art instructor at NSCAD and Dartmouth Art Student League.