How Do I : Notify the Library About Lost & Damaged Items?

From time to time things get lost or damaged – it happens to the best of us. Here’s what happens if you lose or damage a book:

  • If a book is 30 days or more overdue, it is considered lost and the replacement cost is added to your record.
  • When you return the item, these charges are cancelled and replaced with the maximum fine ($10 at the most for each item).
  • If you paid for an item and return it later in good condition in 30 days or less from when you pay, the Library will send a refund by mail as long as you provide the receipt.
  • The Library charges the replacement costs plus processing fees for any items that are returned in a severely damaged or incomplete condition (i.e. CDs and DVDs returned with missing cases or contents).
  • Lost and damaged charges also apply to seniors and Home Delivery clients, even though these users are not charged overdue fines.
  • The Library cannot assume responsibility for any damage caused to audio-visual equipment that may occur from using Library videos, DVDs, CDs or any other audiovisual materials.
    You can settle your lost or damaged charges by contacting your local branch.

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always Ask a Librarian for help.