The Halifax Literary Walking Tour

The Daily Echo was located on the second floor of the
NovaScotian Building, 5140 Prince Street

6. Lucy Maud Montgomery

Between 1901-1902, the world famous Anne of Green Gables author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, wrote a column called Around the Table for The Daily Echo, whose offices used to be in this fine red brick building. Her office was in the back, with a window overlooking the courtyard of Founder’s Square. She was also employed to proofread the paper, and to assist in other newspaper duties, as they arose.

Lucy came to Halifax in 1895 to attend Dalhousie University and instantly fell in love with the city. Many who have read Anne of the Island (1915) will recognize parts of the fictitious town of Kingsport as Point Pleasant Park, the Public Gardens, Dalhousie University and Halifax Harbour. One of Lucy’s favourite pastimes was to attend opera performances at the Academy of Music.

Over the years, more than 30 printers and newspaper publishers have established their offices within a two block radius of the provincial legislature. After the government adjourned for the day, reporters quickly returned to their offices to write, set type and publish the day’s news for the following day’s papers. Founder’s Square, on the corner of Prince and Hollis Street, had 14 printing offices at one time. Today, inside the building, you can see portrait busts of some of Halifax’s leading citizens of the day.

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