Titanic 100 Years

Libraries, Museums, and Archives

1.  Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library
(Google Map Stop #10)

The Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library is the largest branch in the region. It houses an extensive Reference collection which includes many Titanic-related items (PDF).

For more information on the branch's local history collection, visit http://goo.gl/k4eiJ



2.  Bedford Institute of Oceanography
(Google Map Stop #23)

The Bedford Institute for Oceanography’s Titanic exhibit showcases an eerie model of Titanic, as it sits today on the ocean floor and a room full of photographs taken from the submersible that visited the ship in 1991. 

Free tours of the exhibit are available upon request. Call 426-3747.


3.  Dartmouth Heritage Museum
(Google Map Stop #21)

The Dartmouth Heritage Museum's collection includes a letter written by Francis Dyke, an electrician serving aboard the Minia, about the recovery effort following the sinking of the Titanic, and a copy of the 1899-1900 Wright's World, the directory originated by millionaire philanthropist George Wright.

Wright Directory (1899)

Photo from the collection of the Dartmouth Heritage Museum


4.  Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
(Google Map Stop #2)


The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has what is generally recognized as the world's finest collection of wooden artifacts from Titanic.


5.  Nova Scotia Archives
(Google Map Stop #14)

The Nova Scotia Archives has in its holdings Titanic-related photographs, newspapers, news magazines, and a variety of records documenting the recovery, identification and disposition of several bodies retrieved onsite and brought into Halifax.