Titanic 100 Years

The Churches

1.  Brunswick Street United Church
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Brunswick Street United Church

The first and largest of several memorial services conducted under the auspices of the Halifax Evangelical Alliance was held on Friday, May 3, 1912, for 46 victims. Interment took place at Fairview Lawn Cemetery with music provided by the Royal Canadian Regiment Band and a band of Highland Pipers.


2.  Cathedral Church of All Saints
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J. Bruce Ismay, chair and managing director of Oceanic Steam Navigation Company (owner of White Star Line) arranged for a service at All Saints (and burial in Fairview Lawn Cemetery) for his private secretary and his favourite deck steward. Canon Kenneth Hinds of All Saints spent time aboard the MacKay-Bennett as a clergyman during the recovery effort.


3.  St. George's Round Church (Anglican)
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A memorial service, organized by the crew of the Mackay-Bennett, was held for an “Unknown Child” (later identified as Sidney Leslie Goodwin). The crew paid for a headstone, which was erected in Fairview Lawn Cemetery.

Canon Henry Ward Cunningham went out to sea as the clergyman on the cable ship Minia. In recognition of his role in the recovery effort, he was given deck chair from the Titanic, which was later donated to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

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4.  St. Mary's Basilica
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A mass for four of the Catholic victims was held on Friday, May 3, 1912 at 9:30 am. The last of several masses was held at St. Mary’s on May 15, 1912.


5.  St. Paul's Anglican Church
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Bulletin courtesy of St. Paul's Cathedral

The congregation of the oldest Protestant church in Canada held a memorial service for the Titanic victims on Sunday, April 21, 1912. A month later Rev. Samual Prince also conducted a service at sea on the Montmagny for George Wright.

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