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A HPL Volunteer Blogger's Life - Article by Julia, Teen Blogger

Photo of Teen Bloggers at Word on the StreetI started Blogging with the library when I was 12 years old, and now that I’m 17 I feel like I can say a little something about blogging for the library. I had so much fun with it as being a library blogger meant I could write reviews of my favourite books. After all, I am a book-crazed girl who can’t get her hands on enough books, so being a blogger for the library felt just right. I came up with the idea of asking authors for online interviews and the library even brought them to us in person through our local branches! It was fantastic to talk to the creators of so many books that we bloggers read and loved. 

However, our blogging didn’t stop with reviews and interviews. The type of blogs that a blogger could do was endless, as so many different types of blog posts could be done. We went with all sorts of things like blogs for giving advice, reading recommendations, what-to-do blogs, summer time blogs, holiday blogs, and so much more that have made blogging more exciting. We teen bloggers came up with these ideas when we would occasionally meet up. My first meeting was something I was worried about since I had never met any of the teen bloggers before, only read their work. However, we all became fast friends, and I met so many different sorts of people it was superb. Our love for books and the bond we all had as teen volunteer bloggers kept us together and made it easy for us to start talking again after long periods of time if we didn’t keep up with each other. 

Being with the library has given me many opportunities. For example, to volunteer with Word on the Street - an event I absolutely love and go to every year where teen bloggers host author readings and have open panel discussions with the invited authors, kids play games and many book sellers sell books in their own tents. I’ve also received the opportunity to be a program assistant volunteer with the Central Library’s Anime and Manga Club for teens - something I will never forget and that helped me start my own anime and manga club at Citadel High School. But the most valuable thing to me was the experience of having my blogs edited by the fabulous staff at the library and then seen by many people as it helped me improve as a writer.

After everything and all these years, I have had an amazing experience and will never forget it. I hope to continue volunteering with the library and encourage everyone to try volunteer blogging as it's something incredibly indelible and worthwhile.

Wondering how to sign up? Head over to your local library and ask to apply and fill out our application form!

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Teen Blogger

Editor's note: Thank you, Julia. We have enjoyed reading your posts over the years and wish you all the best in your future endeavours. For readers interested in volunteer opportunities at the library, you can find opportunities for teens and adults on our website.


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