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Volunteers ‘R’ Us - Article by Emily, Teen Blogger

Volunteering is a wonderful, heartwarming experience that doesn’t just help other people. It also gives back to the volunteer. Not only can it change who you are as a person and give you lifelong memories, it can also look great on resumes and get you high school credit for certain courses. One of the hardest parts about volunteering is finding the best place for you to give your time. Look no further!  Below are four different options of places to volunteer. From them, find your top volunteer destination!

If you aren’t shy, sometimes enjoy listening more than talking, and love people…

You should look intVolunteering with seniorso volunteering at your local senior’s home! There are plenty of kind people that love telling stories almost as much as they love having visitors. Because their families can’t visit them all the time, the seniors adore having people that will talk with them, play games with them, or simply sit with them. I met some amazing people at the senior’s home I used to volunteer at, and will cherish the memories I made there for years to come. A bonus: there tend to be plenty of parties that you can partake in, which means lots of free food, dancing and singing!

If you like to interact with people, cook, and learn lots of new things…

Try your hand at a local soup kitchen! If you aren’t sure what that is, a soup kitchen is a place where some less fortunate people can go to get warm meals and shelter for a little while. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t scary at all, although it does teach you some life lessons. The first time I volunteered at a soup kitchen, I left with a greater appreciation for the food on my table and the people in my life. Sometimes you can help out in the kitchen area itself by cookin g the food; other times you can serve, pour drinks, or just interact with the people that drop by. It’s a happy environment, full of amazing people and new life experiences!

If you enjoy organizing, and are a little shy…

 Definitely consider volunteering at Feed Nova Scotia. While you’re there, you don’t actually have to interact with a lot of people. Often times, you’ll be sorting through food trying to decide what’s good and what’s gone rotten, bagging up bread and/or vegetables, and really working hard. When I volunteered there, I worked in a group. Perhaps you could take a friend along to have a familiar helping hand. Have a look at this video on volunteering for Feed Nova Scotia.


If you love books, writing, and/or helping young children…

Find a volunteer position at the library! I’ve had two different positions at the library: one as a blog writer, and one as a program assistant. Let me tell you, they are plenty of fun! Program assistants tend to help out with children’s events throughout the summer and at other times of the year, which is a blast. As a blog writer, you get to write reviews, create book lists and write other fun blog posts. Both positions help the library, and help build your skills. If you live near a library, the program assistant work is the way to go. However, if you need a flexible volunteer schedule or don’t live near a public library, perhaps working onlne as a blog writer is more suited for you. To find out about new volunteer opportunities at the library, click the “Volunteer” tab on the side of the Library’s Teen Webpage.

I hope that everybody who reads this can find a love of volunteering, like me and many other teenagers have. Call around, or drop in to visit organizations in your area. Also check out the library website or http://www.halifax.ca/hrmyouth/volunteer/ to see plenty of volunteer ads for teenagers.

Happy Volunteering!

Emily, Teen Blogger


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