Internet Access Policy

Halifax Public Libraries delivers public library service providing informational, educational, recreational and cultural enrichment opportunities to enhance the lives of all library users. As part of its commitment as an information service provider, the Library offers access to a broad range of resources and services. Halifax Public Libraries is pleased to provide public Internet access connecting individuals to the World Wide Web and vast global resources.

While the Internet is a valuable tool, it is imperative for users to be aware that the Internet is an unregulated network of resources. As with printed information, not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. Users must bring the same critical thinking to Internet resources as with printed resources.

The Library does not control the information accessed through the Internet and assumes responsibility only for the information provided on its own home pages. The Library is not responsible for the site content of links or secondary links from its home pages.

The Internet and its resources may contain material of a controversial or mature nature. The Library neither censors access to materials nor protects users from information they find offensive.

The Library is a public place used by people of diverse background and ages. There are sites on the Internet inappropriate for viewing in a public setting. Library staff reserve the right to end Internet sessions when such material is displayed. Users of Internet services are bound by the same rules as outlined in the library's Public Use of Library Facilities Policy.

In keeping with the public library's role in providing age-appropriate materials for children, workstations designated for children / families will be filtered.

As with other library materials and services, children's access to the Internet is the responsibility of parents or guardians. The Library reserves the right to review patterns of use of the library's public computers in order to ensure Library policies and procedures are being adhered to. If misuse of the computer or Internet service is evident, library privileges can be suspended.

The Library, in providing access to the Internet, is providing a privilege, not a right. Users must respect the purpose for which the service is provided. The Internet user is responsible for his/her actions and activity. Inappropriate conduct on the Internet may result in suspension of this privilege.

Examples of unacceptable use on the Internet:
Engaging in any illegal activity or unauthorized acts, including:

  • violating copyright or contractual obligations;
  • degrading or disrupting equipment or system performance;
  • wastefully using finite resources;
  • vandalizing the data of another user;
  • gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities;
  • invading the privacy of individuals;
  • posting personal communications without the author's consent;
  • posting anonymous messages or engaging in harassment on the Internet.

Free Internet access is available at all library branch outlets.

Internet Terms of Use