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"Three things about me: I live at the Library, I know a lot of things, and I'm ready to teach you.

"Three things about you: You're a Halifax Public Libraries cardholder, you want to learn a new professional skill... and, well... that's it."

Halifax Public Libraries is pleased to welcome you to Lynda.com. Access is free to anyone with a Halifax Public Libraries card.

You can visit Lynda 24/7 online. Grow your skills in key areas, or launch into something completely new. She’s here to help.

What is Lynda.com?

"You mean WHO, please and thanks."

Lynda.com is a resource of over 4,000 video tutorial courses taught by industry experts on topics including:

• Business

• Photography

• Graphic Design

• Project Management

• Animation

• Audio and Music Production

• Web Design

• Marketing

• Job Interview Preparation

• Public Speaking

• and more

Get Started

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Signing up for Lynda.com through Halifax Public Libraries is easy.

Step 1

Sign up for a library card and become a Halifax Public Libraries member. It’s free.

Visit us in person or online to sign up for your card.

Step 2

Register for Lynda.com with your library card and pin number.

Step 3

Start exploring. Try it all. Access Lynda’s training videos at the Library, home, or on-the-go.


Lynda.com has a great support section.

And, our Library staff is always happy to help you. Visit an Information Desk at your local branch, or give us a call at 902-490-5710 for Lynda.com support.

Reflecting our community, we are a resource for everyone and a launch point for growth.


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