In October, we celebrate Mi’kmaq History Month

What do you know about the relationship of First Nations and Nova Scotia?

In Nova Scotia, the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq nations, we have specific histories to tell and hear. These histories are a part of the greater conversation and commitment to truth and reconciliation happening today across Canada.

This Treaty Day (October 1) and Mi’kmaq History Month (October) are our cues to probe deeper and learn more.

Your journey starts here.

A Special Display:
Peace and Friendship Treaties of Nova Scotia

What does it mean to say “We are all treaty people?”

Halifax Central Library has a special, permanently dedicated display case for celebrating, sharing, and honouring Indigenous cultures.

For 2017 Treaty Day and Mi’kmaq History Month, this space has become one of many entry points for learning about treaties and reconciliation.

A chain of agreement

Central Library’s display presents the visible parts of a chain of agreement between the Mi’kmaq and Europeans called the Peace and Friendship Treaties.

Each document or quote is the beginning of a link.

When a statement or declaration grabs your interest, you have the beginning of your first link: a question.

Bring this question to Library staff and let them show you how to follow the link you have chosen.

Essential questions of our times

As you read and experience the Peace and Friendship Treaties, consider how can you honour the past and live as treaty people each day?

While the treaties were signed centuries ago, do you see why they are living agreements? And how can we recognize our responsibility for upholding them?

Enjoy following your questions and celebrating Mi’kmaq History Month with knowledge!

Note: All are welcome to make suggestions about what you would like to see in the First Nation’s Circle display area in Halifax Central Library. Call Sam at 902-490-5799 or email asklib@halifax.ca with your idea.


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