One Book Nova Scotia:
Wesley's If This is Freedom

Readers of Nova Scotia, this is kind of a big deal.

Are you familiar with One Book Nova Scotia?

If your answer is no, then we'll let you in on it. One Book Nova Scotia, or 1BNS, is a collective reading initiative involving an impressive partnership between all public and academic libraries in Nova Scotia.

A committee selects one book, and all of us readers are invited to "Read the same book. Share the same story." Like one big book club.

Our common read for 2017

If This is Freedom, by Gloria Ann Wesley.

In one sentence: As a family struggles in Birchtown, Nova Scotia after the American Revolutionary War, a chain of unusual events tests a young woman's moral courage and the strength of her dreams.

And we have lots of eBooks

For the first time, Nova Scotia Public Libraries has negotiated with the publisher of If this is Freedom to offer simultaneous use of up to 999 copies of the book from now until late November.

So, far, we’ve have almost 200 copies in use, which is impressive. But there is room to grow and more readers to enjoy a good story. Check it out now

Plus, there is a book club kit available for booking and plenty of print copies for you to check out.

For your information

One Book Nova Scotia

Fernwood Publishing on If This is Freedom


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