Album Review: An Airplane Carried Me To Bed

By Teen Blogger, Jonathan | Adam Young, better known as lead singer, writer, producer, and - well, everything else - of the electronica act Owl City, is one of my absolute favourite musicians. He has the talent of being able to write songs that leave the listener with a complex mix of emotions, usually with happiness or peacefulness at the forefront and a bittersweet array of other feelings underneath. Some of the best examples of this can be found on the album An Airplane Carried Me to Bed, which he released under the alias Sky Sailing...
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Poem: I Am From

By Teen Blogger, Hannah | I am from Ethiopia the suffering despondency war-torn country / I am from a nation of many, who was always hungry / I am from a loving peculiar father who has sacrificed / Now he eagerly waits out of exasperation for his afterlife...
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Review: RWBY

By Teen Blogger, Timothy | War is an inevitable fate; a monster designed by mankind to crush nations, and seize control for ourselves. Since the dawn of time, nations have been fighting for power, pitting best friends and even lovers against each other, spilling the blood of many. But have you ever wondered what the world would be like if every day, each of us had a choice to stand up and join together in fighting an un-winnable war fuelled by our very own ambitions? If so, then let me introduce you to the world of Remnant...
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Creative Writing: The Angel’s Broken Heart – Part 2

By Teen Blogger, Timothy | Nathan and Daniel walked in silence for a while, following the compass. As they walked, they could hear screams of pain and agony, but the noise's sources were shrouded by the thick fog that had surrounded them, randomly coming across newborn trees as if the land itself was alive. Nathan looked around as he walked, focusing on Daniel’s movements every so often, still wary as he watched, afraid he might still try to kill him...
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Review: Thirteen Days to Midnight

By Teen Blogger, Timothy | Death is one of the only things you can't outrun, no matter how far or how fast you run. Another of these being love, and along with it comes the curse of heartbreak. But what if we could outrun death, and live forever? Throughout history, people have tried to outrun or even escape death; but at what cost?
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Magazine Review: Alternative Press

By Teen Blogger, Shanelle | In this day and age so many magazines are dedicated to the generic pop artists you hear daily on the radio. Magazines littered with pictures of Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé, advertising the latest breakup or recording studio feud. Teens everywhere pick up these magazines daily and read to their hearts' delight... But what about the kids who don’t listen to Maroon 5? The kids who don’t care about the latest drama? 
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Film Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

By Teen Blogger, Stephanie | As a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise, it would only make sense that I would immediately fangirl over something that is Harry Potter-related. For instance, when J.K. Rowling announced that David Yates, the director of the fifth to the eighth instalment of the Harry Potter series, would be returning to film the Harry Potter spin-off film named “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” I freaked a good way! Especially when the first trailer was released, I instantly felt myself being pulled back into this magical universe that I have grown to know so well over my childhood.
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