10 Surprising Lessons You Can Learn with Lynda

By Kristine Leger, Staff Member, Halifax Central Library

If you’ve visited the Library in person or via our website over the last few months you’ve probably encountered a reference to Lynda. You may still be wondering, “Who is this Lynda? Why does the Library want me to meet her so much?”

Lynda.com, opens a new window is the learning platform founded by Lynda Weinman in 1995 and acquired by LinkedIn in 2015, opens a new window.  Lynda.com began as an online web design learning resource, but these days Lynda can teach you a lot more than technical skills. With your library card you have access to thousands of online courses—all for free. This blog post, opens a new window shares all the ins and outs of signing up for a free Lynda.com membership, using your library card.

Not sure where to start? Check out our list of favourite stuff you can learn from Lynda.

Business & Careers

  1. Find a Job, opens a new window
    Lynda offers training in many job-hunting skills, including this course which takes you through the whole process. This program will help you set goals, write resumes, get an interview, ace it, and more.
  2. Become a Social Media Marketer, opens a new window
    On Lynda.com you can take individual courses or follow a “learning path” of linked modules which can help you on your way to a particular career path, such as learning all about social media marketing.
  3. Improve Your Skills with Microsoft Office, opens a new window
    Don’t have time to come to the Library for a computer class? No problem –Lynda’s got you. While it’s not surprising that Lynda.com offers training in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and the rest of the Office suite, we were impressed that our Lynda search for Office courses brought in over 1400 results. There will be something helpful for anyone from beginners to Office pros.


  1. Become a Music Producer, opens a new window
    Lynda offers several learning paths related to music recording and production, including this one that walks you through the basics. And when you’re done, don’t forget to come and try out your new skills at the Central Library’s Media Studio.
  2. Learn to Sing, opens a new window
    Yes, Lynda can also teach you how to sing.
  3. Learn How To Do Animation, opens a new window
    Both 2d and 3d. You could be the next Walt Disney!
  4. Get Creative with Calligraphy, opens a new window
    Everything you need to know to take up this ancient and beautiful art. Bring on the pen and paper.
  5. Step into Screenwriting, opens a new window
    That animated film you want to make will need a script…


  1. Tap into Time Management, opens a new window
    Most of us can benefit from some help in this area. Choose courses from short weekly tips to in-depth lessons on increasing productivity.
  2. Hello, Happiness, opens a new window
    Lynda even wants to help you increase your happiness and success by teaching you how to set priorities, develop a positive attitude, and overcome perfection! Also check out the Happiness Tips Weekly playlist, opens a new window.

These are some of the reasons why we love Lynda so much. We hope having Lynda.com at your fingertips will increase your happiness too! Get started today.

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