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Hey All!

As this is my first ever blog post, I thought it’d be a good idea to introduce myself to you lovely readers, so that you can connect more with my writing. So, without further ado, here we go!

My name is Timothy, and I am 16. I grew up in the Valley, and so I never really had much to worry about. In school, I never really enjoyed reading, and I always got writer's block when we had to write something. But in the past two years since I moved here, I’ve been reading - as well as hoarding - books in my collection, as well as writing short stories of my own.

When I first moved here, I was a very quiet and shy kid, but through writing I’ve learned to express myself. And by reading amazingly detailed book series by crazy authors - I’m looking at you, Rick Riordan- I’ve gained knowledge and experience I might not have ever learned if I hadn’t become a bookworm. However, this also has downsides, as every time I “wander” into a bookstore, I always end up buying a book or two. When my Librarian told me about an opening for blogging, I immediately applied, because I thought of it as a way to open myself to new people who also enjoy reading books, and writing their own. I hope that by blogging, I’ll be able to meet many new people, and expand my view of the world.

One of the best things we can do in life, is read books, as they tell us of other people's adventures, and help us widen our views; they allow us to see the world through different pairs of eyes, and venture on journeys too dangerous for normal humans. As well, books allow the author to express themselves, and tell their own life stories and things they dreamed of as a kid. Literature is a powerful weapon, as it can crush the mightiest of kingdoms, slay the wicked, and bring joy to those who need it most. For many authors, their stories are what saved them from making terrible decisions; a prime example of this is J.K Rowling. In the span of 13 years, she was rejected from college, had a miscarriage, suffered from an abusive relationship, and contemplated ending her life, but the one thing that saved her, was her writing. She began writing books at age 31, and in the span of 4 years, she released 4 books, and was named 'Author of The Year.' As the years passed, she went on to write the ‘Harry Potter’ series, showing just how powerful writing can be.

For those of you who want to get involved with the Library and/or volunteer work, make sure to check on the Halifax Public Libraries teen page during the next few months, as there will be more opportunities in September.


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