How Do I : Place a Hold?

Placing a Hold

There are three ways to place a hold:

  1. Searching Discover: the library's online catalogue and placing the hold yourself (see instructions below).
  2. Contacting your local branch for help.
  3. Using the Ask a Librarian form to request your item.

Instructions for placing a hold via the Library’s catalogue:

Find the item you want:

  1. Go to the Discover: the library's online catalogue.
  2. Enter a search for the item.
    (TIP: You can search by title, author or subject.)
  3. Click on the the item you want.
  4. Now that you’ve found your item, you are ready to place your hold.

Put your name on the list:

  1. If you are in a branch and the book status says "checked in," simply go get the book.
    ( TIP: If you need help just ask one of our friendly staff.)
  2. If you are at home or the book status is not "checked in" then you can place a hold. Click the "place hold" button on the right side of the screen (you may have to scroll down).
  3. You will be asked to enter your library barcode and "PIN" number.
    ( If you do not know your PIN, it is probably the last four digits of your phone number.)
  4. Choose a branch location for your hold.

That is all! The Library will notify you when your hold arrives.