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TD Summer Reading Club

TD Summer Reading Club

The TD Summer Reading Club is a totally free and fun program that encourages kids to read over their summer break from school. The program is adaptable to kids of all ages (recommended for ages 3+), interests, and abilities.

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Call us at 902-490-5873 to register, or email

Read all about the ins and outs of TD Summer Reading Club here.

TD Summer Reading Club

Join the TD Summer Reading Club

Learn all the ins and outs of TD Summer Reading Club: how to register, ways to earn points, featured prizes, and more!

Get in the Game! Recommended Reads

The 2020 TD SRC theme is "Get in the Game!" Enjoy this recommended reading list of related books from TD Summer Reading Club Canada.

Let's Get Messy...with Water!

A great way to explore sensory play, reduce clean up, and take advantage of the sun is outdoor water play. Go outside and make a "mess"!

Make Rocket Blasters with Anders

Do not fear, Anders is here! He's sharing a fun activity you can do to launch into summer reading: Rocket Blasters!

The Magical World of Fairy Houses

Making a fairy home is a great way to explore and connect with nature, and to notice things outside you may have missed before.

Make Pudding Pops with Siobhan

Siobhan and Saoirse show you how to make yummy, cool pudding pops. The perfect treat for kicking off your Summer Reading Club celebrations!

TD Summer Reading Club Grand Prizes

Hit your goal and you'll be entered for the chance to win one of three AWESOME grand prizes.

Puppet Show: Flo and Beatrice

While TD Summer Reading Club may look a little bit different this year, Flo & Beatrice quickly realize it's going to be a WHOLE lot of fun!

TD Summer Reading Club Brag Tags

Register for the TD Summer Reading Club, and you'll get a brag tag right away; and more throughout the summer as you hit your goals!

Reading Recommendations for Kids

Soar toward your summer reading goal! We've got book lists and recommendations for every interest.

Download & Print: TD Summer Reading Club Logbook Sheet

Need another log sheet for all the points you're earning? Download and print this one, or create your own on paper!

Rainy Day Fun: 10 Indoor Activities for Kids

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and the kids say it’s boring! Here are easy ideas for playing inside and keeping kids active and entertained.

Mayor for a Day 2019

On June 1, 2020, we celebrated our TD Summer Reading Club 2019 Grand Prize winner, Charlee, with a virtual Mayor for a Day experience.

Virtual Library for Kids

Looking for some inspiration for earning points, beyond reading books? Our Virtual Library for kids is full of points-worthy activities!

Mayor for a Day 2018

Step aside, Mayor Mike Savage, our 2018 TD Summer Reading Club winner, Zahara, is taking over as Mayor for a Day.

Mayor for a Day 2017

Be Brave: Be Mayor. Pablo was our TD Summer Reading Club 2017 grand prize winner. Read his story of taking over the city.

TD Summer Reading Club Programs & Events

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