Ease the winter blues with new Light Therapy

Halifax Public Libraries Launches New Light Therapy Lamps for Borrowing

Halifax, N.S.—Halifax Public Libraries are helping everyone prepare for the darker days of fall and winter by adding new technology to the collection. Starting Tuesday, November 7, all community members can borrow Light Therapy lamps to power up while reading and working.

“Many of us experience seasonal mood changes when the skies turn grey and the sun sets early,” says Kathleen Peverill, Director of Public Service at Halifax Public Libraries. “Our new Light Therapy lamps are one way to help everyone ease their winter blues.”

Light Therapy lamps are designed to mimic spring and summer light levels. Sitting in front of a lamp for 20 to 30 minutes can help ease symptoms of winter blues and clinically diagnosed seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

“The Library has added Light Therapy lamps to our collection for three reasons,” says Peverill. “As an accessible community space, it makes sense for our Library branches to offer a service applicable to approximately 15% of our community; some people may want to try out the lamps for effectiveness before deciding to purchase them; and the cost can be prohibitive.”

About 2-5% of Canadians suffer from SAD, while 10-15% may experience the milder symptoms.

For now, at least one Light Therapy lamp is available for use at all 14 branches. Full-sized lamps can be booked for reading and working inside the Library, and smaller Light Therapy To-Go lamps are available for borrowing with your Halifax Public Libraries card for three weeks at a time.

Community members are invited to call their local branch and ask us about Light Therapy or visit and try the lamps as a part of a wellness routine. As with all Library services, Light Therapy is free to use.