Do You Have an Evening Open for English Tutoring?

Many of our communities have keen learners waiting for volunteers like you

Last updated: October 14

Our communities are growing, and many newcomers are choosing Halifax as their new home.

Making your way in a new city is difficult, especially when your first language is not the most common language in the community. Sometimes a newcomer's experience can be greatly changed with a little help practicing English, guidance for navigating a parent-teacher meeting, or even tips on sorting household waste under local guidelines.

Where your help will be most appreciated

Right now, our waiting list numbers are growing quicker than our number of volunteer tutors. While you can sign up for any of our ELL programs, we need someone like you at the following branches now.

As of October 7, 2021, we need help at:

English Language Learning at the Library

Halifax Public Libraries is well known for its English Language Learning program.

Newcomers to Halifax have expressed the comfort they feel in being welcomed by a group of friendly staff and volunteers. They enjoy visiting a space where many community members come to gather. They want to meet their neighbours, and find ways to contribute to their new community.

Volunteer tutors in the English Language Learning program are able to answer questions about newcomer's day-to-day experiences, practice speaking English, and getting to know the personality of the Maritimes.

We need more volunteer tutors to help us meet the growing demand in our communities. We invite you to join our team!

How to get involved

If you are interested in meeting newcomers from around the globe, and you are able to commit to 2-3 hours a week, please call Sandy at the Library at 902-490-6378.

Volunteering for English Language Learning at the Library truly makes a difference in the lives of newcomers in our communities. We hope you can join our team of tutors.

Training is provided for all volunteer tutors, and the Library has a support team who can answer all of your questions.