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Music Galore by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 20-Feb-13 14:18
What can you do to get rid of the springtime blues? Why not load up your iPod with some new tunes?
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Christmas Cookies! by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 10-Dec-12 09:56
That time of year is here...the time when there are twinkly lights everywhere, everyone seems to be in a good mood, the smell of cookies lingers in your house, and you get to curl up by the fire at night....
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TV Series of Fall! by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Oct-12 10:20
It's official. Summer is over. No more lazy beach days and sun tanning. But that's okay, because when we say 'Adios' to summer, we get to say 'Bonjour' to fall! And, if you ask me, fall is even better than summer. Sure, it means early mornings and back to school, but it also means crisp air, leaves changing colour, hot chocolate, fuzzy sweaters, cute boots, and a whole new season of all your favourite TV shows.
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Things to Be Thankful For by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 02-Oct-12 13:36
It's Thanksgiving again! To most people Thanksgiving means a day off of school, a good meal, and quality time with family; which is all great, but Thanksgiving is also about reflecting on all the wonderful things we have in our life and being thankful for each and every one of them
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A Gypsee, A Rider, Horses and more! by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 25-Apr-12 14:15
Okay you can just admit it... you've asked your parents for a pony before. I mean who hasn't? It's a common wish to be able to have your very own pony to ride and play with.
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Vampire Diaries by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 19-Mar-12 14:12
What do you get when you have two vampire brothers who both love the same human girl?...
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Do you know what's awesome? -by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-Jan-12 11:15
Do you know what's awesome? Well ok, a lot of things are awesome. But I'm not talking big things here, I'm talking about all the awesome little things. Like finding spare change in your pocket that you forgot you had. Or cutting the perfect amount of cheese for your handful of crackers. Or even putting on warm clothes that just came out of the dryer! Yep, those are all pretty awesome. But you know what is REALLY awesome?...
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