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The Hunger Games Books and Films - Review by Ashlee, Staff Blogger

Posted on 21-Oct-14 13:41
Thanks in part to a very successful movie adaptation, I’m sure you’ve heard of this dystopian novel in which children are forced to fight to the death in a televised gladiatorial arena. Some have even called it the “next Harry Potter,” so I was very excited to read this first book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. For me, at least, while the book is quite entertaining and certainly addicting (I literally couldn’t stop reading and had it finished in a day), it’s not as special as I would have hoped. Certainly no Harry Potter, at least for me, largely because I wish the author had paid more attention to the world-building and characterizations. I was pretty disappointed that with all this new technology, what the game-makers chose for the arena was essentially a glorified forest. I wanted something more exciting, like that barren wasteland mentioned where everyone either froze or starved to death in a few days. Good luck hiding in trees there, Katniss! Speaking of Katniss Everdeen...
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The Art of Choosing Books or How to Find Your Next Great Read - Article by Emily, Teen Blogger

Posted on 17-Feb-14 08:05
At least once every couple of months, I discover that I have no books on my shelf that I have any desire to read. Going to the library to browse is a great way to get ideas, but how is one to know which books, out of the hundreds of options, are the best to read? Allow me to help you in solving this dilemma.
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The Lost Crown by Sarah Miller- Review by Havana, Teen Blogger

Posted on 27-Aug-13 10:59
I really liked this book. I'm not usually into historical fiction but this story was really well written. "The Lost Crown" takes place during World War I and is set in Russia. The whole book is ...
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Read Your Books Quickly via Audiobooks by Gina, Teen Blogger

Posted on 16-Aug-13 09:11
We’re almost at the end of summer already; the time flies by! Are summer camps and programs out there keeping you busy? I hope they’re not so thrilling that you guys don’t get enough time to read!
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Squealing Tires, Fast Speeds, Racing Engines! by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 08-Dec-11 11:02
Squealing tires, racing engines, fast speeds , fast cars. There is a time and a place for racing cars but if you want a thrill without the real ride, try these books for a taste of the unexpected in racing.
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After Alex Rider by Danielle, Staff Blogger

Posted on 27-Jul-11 14:37
Scorpia Rising may be the end of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, but it need not be the end of you reading fast-paced thrillers about spies, high-tech gadgetry and death-defying adventures....
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