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Creeps by Darren Hynes - Review by Angela, Teen Blogger

Fill-it-in Review

Title: Creeps

Author: Darren Hynes

Summary: When your dad is drunk again and starts to throw his bowl of pea soup on the ground, you know your mom is leaving, again. Well, at least she comes back but it never seems to end. And you know that the next day, Pete “The Meat” will make you eat the yellow snow. Wayne Pumphrey’s hates his life, until he meets Marjorie. For once, he is not alone. But, Pete will not let them go, will he?

Six Word Review: Heartbreaking Story with a Powerful Message

How many stars (out of 10) would you give this book & why?

This book easily deserves a 9/10. It is realistic and conveys a powerful message. The author explores the issues of bullying and alcoholism that surface in our society and uses them as themes to create an absolutely breathtaking story.

I started reading it because….I kept reading it because…

Creeps is the book that was introduced two summers ago during the Word on the Street event. The author recommended this novel to more mature readers as some parts of the plot may be too explicit for younger teens. So this year, I decided to give it a try. And I cannot put it down because I can reflect Wayne’s experience on people I know and some of the things that they have been through. The story is deep and bitter, but the storyline is unquestionably amazing.

What you loved/hated/couldn’t get enough of…

I loved how the story seemed so predictable, but you never saw what was coming until you got there.

If the main character(s) were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To:

The best actress award goes to Marjorie, and Wayne might have a chance for the best actor, but there is always Les, the know-it-all in dramas and plays. Hopefully, Wayne wouldn’t get the wimpiest kid award.

Anything else we should know…

This is not a fairy tale in which everything works out fine in the end. It is a fictional story, but it can very easily happen in real life. Prepare yourself for a depressing yet stunning read if you decide to give Creeps a try.

There is another book by the author called Flight. It shares similar themes and also raises awareness to certain issues in our society. This time, instead of a fifteen-year-old, you will be reading about a mother’s struggle between her abusive husband and her young children. Again, readers’ discretion is advised.


Teen Blogger

Editor's Note: Flight is available in the Library's Adult Fiction collection.


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