Want to get something on paper?

You can print at the Library!

Printing basics

  • You can print at any of our branches for a small fee per page.
  • There are different ways to submit your print job depending on whether you're using your own device or a public computer at the Library.
  • To keep your print job private, it won't print right away. You have to visit the Print Release Station within 4 hours to finish printing and pay.


When you pick up your printing, you can pay in cash or by using a print deposit account. You can add a balance to your print deposit account with cash, debit, or credit. Our staff can set this up for you.

Additionally, you can tap your payment card (Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Apple Pay, or Google Pay) to pay for your print jobs. Transactions will appear as SH Vending payments on bank statements. There is a $20 limit per print job with debit/credit. Prices are per page with taxes included:

As of August 2020, $5.00 of free, in-branch printing will now be allocated for every library cardholder, per month. Click here to learn more.

Black & white printing

  • Single-sided: $0.10
  • Double-sided: $0.20

Colour printing

  • Single-sided: $0.25
  • Double-sided: $0.50

How to print

Printing from a public computer

If you're working on a public computer at the Library:

  • The first step is to submit your print job.
  • Go to the Print Release Station (typically a computer located near the printer) and enter the library card number that you used log on to the public computer.
  • You'll see your print job, and you can preview, print, or delete.
  • Select "print," then pay to finish printing.

Printing from your device

You can also print from your own devices when you're at the Library (or wherever you happen to be).

If you're printing from your own device, you have two options:

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