Donate Books and Other Items


Donating books and other items

Are you looking for a home for your books, DVDs, and musical instruments?

We think it's great that you want to share with your community, and naturally you thought of the Library. You're not alone. Each year, we receive many hundreds of donated items—much more than we can accommodate.

Storing, sorting, and disposing of unused items creates work for our staff, and the Library also pays to have unused items recycled, so please check the list below to see what types of items we accept.

What you can donate

Items in our collection get a lot of love! Donated items need to be in excellent condition to stand up to the wear and tear. Because of storage space, we will accept a maximum of 20 items per household.

We do accept:

  • Recent bestsellers and books (any language) that have been published in the last 5 years
  • Classics in new editions
  • Local history titles
  • DVDs, Blu-rays, and music CDs must have their original liners
  • Musical instruments—string, keyboards, and hand drums only

We do not accept:

  • Items that are out-of-date or soon to be, for example older computer models, VHS tapes and cassettes, magazines, textbooks, travel guides. Generally, most nonfiction older than 5 years won't be added to the collection
  • Items that are likely to be in low demand, for example Encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Items that are already well-stocked (check the catalogue to see if copies are available, or if the subject is already well-covered by other titles)
  • Items in poor condition, for example items with yellowing pages, musty or moldy books
  • Large quantities of used items

These types of items aren't suited to Library life. You may still have some alternatives:

  • Donate to a thrift shop or the Salvation Army
  • Donate to a local charity—several charities host book sale fundraisers including Kermesse and Women for Music
  • Recycling—there's information on the Halifax website about how to recycle books

A few things to keep in mind

  • We actively manage our collection. We'll decide how to classify, shelve, and display donated items. Most donated items to the Library are given away for free.
  • We don't provide tax receipts for books and other donated items.
  • We are unable to pick up donations of books and other items.
  • Authors interested in donating copies of their own work should complete the form on our Information for Creators page.

How to donate items

If you have an item that we're looking for, you can drop off donations at any of our branches, opens a new window.

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