Teen Volunteer Opportunities

Teen Volunteer Opportunities

We want you.

The Library wants your ideas, curiosity, and enthusiasm for helping others. In return, not only will your volunteering make a significant difference in your community, you will:

  • meet new friends,
  • learn new skills, and
  • form a good looking resume, for jobs or school.

Steps to volunteering

  1. Take a look at the opportunities below. See what interests you.
  2. Click a Volunteer Now link, fill, and submit your online application.
  3. Library staff will call you for a brief, get-to-know-you virtual interview.
  4. You're set up for success with an orientation session.

Current Opportunities

Programs in session with open volunteer spots are listed here.

Don't miss out! We're adding opportunities early in 2024. Check back, or email us to get your name on the notification list. We're excited to see you again or meet you for the first time.

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Program Assistant

Ages 14-18

Who are you helping? ​Members of your community, from families to children to adults to youth like you, who come to the Library for various programs.

What will you be doing? That depends on where you want to volunteer. As the year progresses, we will add to the list below what is happening and where.

Musquodoboit Harbour Public Library
Summer Session Details:  we have flexible opportunities in July.
Your interests and availability will help us to see when and what you can do at the Library as a teen volunteer. For information, contact Sarah at burchis@halifaxlibrary.ca.

Alderney Gate Public Library
Summer Session Details: June 29 - August 24, 2024. Volunteers will support program preparation and delivery, shaped by your interests and availability. For more information, contact Erin at riehle@halifaxlibrary.ca.
Deadline to apply is Monday, June 10.

Who are you? You are creative and artistic, friendly and welcoming, and able to work both independently and as a part of a bigger team.

Don't see your Library listed? You can still apply to be a Teen Volunteer - tell us a little bit about your interests and availability.

Apply Now », opens a new window


Upcoming Opportunities

We're adding new opportunities all the time.  Check back, or email us at asklib@halifaxlibrary.ca.

When opportunities are added, they'll fall within the categories below.


Creative Doers

Ages 13-18

Who are you helping? Everyone. Art asks us to come together, reflect our values, and understand each other in ways that are meaningful and real.

What will you be doing? For one to five hours/week, you’re creating artwork for display online and in the community, you’re writing blog posts for the Library website, and making videos for our Virtual Library.

Who are you? A creative thinker, hands-on maker, and open to showcasing your talent.


Leading Readers Support

Ages 15-18

What will you be doing? In Leading Readers, teens are paired with a partner (a child in Grades 1‐6) to share a love of books and offer reading support and encouragement. Pairs meet once a week for an hour to read together and play literacy‐based games. Youth volunteers assist staff in developing program ideas, help prepare materials for the program, and work together with participants to plan and implement the end‐of‐session celebration events.

Tantallon Public Library, opens a new window
TBD, Contact Jeannie to find your best times.
For information, email Jeannie at wardj@halifaxlibrary.ca, opens a new window


Program Prep Assistant

Ages 13-18

Who are you helping? ​​Library staff and patrons in the youth department.

What will you be doing? During your shift, you’ll assist library staff in preparing crafts, supplies, and programming materials. This volunteer role is a "backstage" one, meaning you will not interact directly with patrons.

Kids' Newcomers English Club

Ages 15-18

Who are you helping? Elementary school-aged kids and teens similar in age as you who are new to Canada and keen to practice English skills.

What will you be doing? For 1 hour per week, you are leading activities, games, and conversations with Newcomer kids. You’ll help create a fun encouraging space for kids to practice their English speaking, reading, and writing skills. You’ll lead a small group as well as work together with other volunteers are bigger activities. After each session you’ll have time to debrief and plan ahead.

Who are you? Reliable and independent, looking to improve your leadership skills, patient and kind with kids, and good at making things fun. Maybe you also moved to Canada as a kid or speak another language and would have invaluable experience to help encourage and mentor newcomer kids? Let us know!

Where? This opportunity takes place either at Keshen Goodman Public Library or a location in the community.

Teen Advisory Council

Ages 14-18

Who are you helping? Teenagers in the community seeking a safe and engaging space that reflects their interests and values.

What will you be doing? For 1 hour per week, you will be meeting in person with other members of the Teen Advisory Council to advise Library staff on the teen experience at Halifax Central Library. This includes, but is not limited to: program/event planning and hosting, youth outreach within the Library, and creating displays that reflect the diversity of our community.

Who are you? You are a team player and consensus builder who is community-minded and looking for leadership opportunities. You will shape the youth experience at Halifax Central Library.

Where and when? This opportunity takes place either at Halifax Central Library on Tuesdays.

Society Shapers

Ages 13-18

Who are you helping? Yourself - in order to help others. The Library wants you to invest in yourself. We'll guide you through project planning and funding applications.

What will you be doing? For 1-5 hours/week, you’re developing your own project to support others in your community. We’ll help you write a grant application and promote your project. We'll guide you through the process of becoming a Society Shaper.

Who are you? A future community leader with ideas, dedication, and in need of support to make your project happen.

Tell us about your ideas. Include a brief description of what your project idea(s) is when submitting your application.


Teen Media: Podcast & Blog

Ages 14-18

Who are you helping? Youth, like you, who want to express themselves, be reflected and have a voice in the wider community.

What will you be doing? For 1-2 hours each week, you will be meeting with other Teen Media volunteers to create content for Halifax Public Libraries’ youth-run podcast and community blog. Responsibilities will include: creating and editing segments of audio content, such as interviews, commentaries, and essays as well as structuring, writing, and editing accompanying blog posts.

Who are you? A budding communications professional, natural storyteller, and team player. You are a creative type with a voice that reflects the opinions and sentiments of Haligonians.


Video Game Assistant

Ages 14-18

Who are you helping? ​Every day, children ages 5-14 get excited about using the Library's video games. Some kids might be familiar with the systems, and some may not due to access or age.

What will you be doing? You will be volunteering for a number of shifts per month lasting a couple of hours or so. During your shifts, you will be assisting with video game set-up and troubleshooting in the children's area. You may play games with the children or provide assistance with monitoring the charge/availability of controllers, too.

Who are you? You are comfortable operating a Playstation 4 and know your way around an assortment of video games. You like interacting with children ages 5-14 in a busy environment.

Web Content Support

Ages 13-18

Who are you helping? Yourself, your peers, and anyone who loves a great book recommendation.

What will you be doing? You will be updating our Teen website book lists and help them stay current and relevant. You brainstorm lists of book titles to create meaningful book lists that encourage and promote reading.

Who are you? You are someone who has a unique perspective on the world and loves to see everyone included. You desire to share your love of books and reading with others.

Tell us about your ideas. Your voice and ideas matter. Please share your thoughts when applying.


Community Consultant

Ages 15-18

Who are you helping? Members of underrepresented communities, as well as all library patrons who are keen to learn.

What will you be doing? You'll be working on various projects to ensure better representation of and service to members of underrepresented communities. This can involve a huge array of activities, such as creating displays, book lists, and craft kits to highlight relevant holidays, events, and concepts, creating better library signage, letting us know about issues that you see in the library, and helping to plan events. Some of this work may be done virtually. Each position will be specialized based on the volunteer, so you must have a position in mind when you apply.

Who are you? You have relevant lived experience to your chosen specialty and you are keen to use that to create a more welcoming library. You are community minded and looking for leadership opportunities. Although you are free to apply with any role in mind and it will be considered, we do already have a robust team covering certain communities. In particular, at this time we are looking for Black and Indigenous community consultants, cultural community consultants, community consultants with disabilities, and newcomer community consultants.


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