Teen Volunteer Opportunities

We want you. The Library wants your ideas, curiosity, and enthusiasm for helping others. In return, not only will your volunteering make a significant difference in your community, you will:

  • meet new friends, 
  • learn new skills, and 
  • form a good looking resume, for jobs or school. 

1-2-3-4 Steps to Volunteer

  1. Take a look at our many opportunities below. See what interests you. 
  2. Click a Volunteer Now link, fill, and submit your online application. 
  3. Library staff will call you for a brief, get-to-know-you virtual interview. 
  4. You're set up for success with an orientation session. 

Leading Readers

Youth Literacy

Ages 15-18 

Who are you helping? We’ll pair you with 1 elementary school-aged kid who is having a hard time with reading. 

What will you be doing? For 1 hour per week, you’re leading a virtual hang out with your learner. Together, you're reading, playing educational games, and exploring books through fun activities.

Who are you? An avid reader, patient and kind with kids, and good at making things fun. 

Volunteer Now »

Questions? Email teen@halifax.ca

Society Shapers

Community Development

Ages 13-18 

Who are you helping? Yourself - in order to help others. The Library wants you to invest in yourself. We'll guide you through project planning and funding applications. 

What will you be doing? For 1-5 hours/week, you’re developing your own project to support others in your community. We’ll help you write a grant application to make it happen. 

Who are you? A future community leader with ideas, dedicated, and in need of support and financial investment.

Check Back Soon! Openings Coming for Fall Session  »

Questions? Email teen@halifax.ca

Creative Doers


Ages 13-18 

Who are you helping? Everyone. Art asks us to come together, reflect our values, and understand each other in ways that are meaningful and real.

What will you be doing? For 1-5 hours/week, you’re creating artwork for display online and in the community, you’re writing blog posts for the Library website, and making videos for our“ Virtual Library. 

Who are you? A creative thinker, hands-on maker, and open to showcasing your talent. 

Fall session is full »

Questions? Email teen@halifax.ca

Teen Podcast


Ages 14-18 

Who are you helping? Youth, like you, who want to find expression, be reflected, and have a voice in the wider community. 

What will you be doing? For 1-3 hours/week, you’re creating segments of audio content, such as interviews and commentaries, for our youth-led podcast. 

Who are you? A budding communications professional, natural storyteller, and team player. 

Fall session is full »

Questions? Email teen@halifax.ca

Seasonal (Halloween) Project

Community Development

Ages 13-18

Who are you helping? Your community! This is a special Food Drive we are organizing in order to help Feed NS fill up their shelves during this difficult time.

What will you be doing? For 1-5 hours/week, from October 1 to October 29 you will be assisting with the planning, design, and implementation of a Haunted Hike Food Drive.

Who are you? A creative thinker and hands-on maker who is dedicated to giving back to your community.

Questions? Email janesa@halifax.ca

YMCA Homework Club

Youth Services

Ages 15-18

Who are you helping? We’ll pair you with newcomer youth in junior high and high school who need help with homework or practicing speaking English.

What will you be doing? On Tuesday afternoons, you’ll help students virtually with their homework.

Who are you? A conscientious student, who is patient and friendly with new people, and eager to help others. 

Questions? Email teen@halifax.ca

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