The Science of Play Dough

Science Literacy Week in Canada (September 17-23, 2018) is a week-long celebration of science and space—for all ages. Getting creative with play dough is the perfect blend of science, play, and learning. Read on to learn about the science of play dough and how to make your own dough at home.
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The Life-Sized Magic of 3D Printing

On The Big Bang Theory, Howard creates an action figure replication of himself. On Grey's Anatomy, Doctors Yang and Grey create veins and human hearts. In Jurassic Park III, Billy makes a prototype of a resonating chamber (basically the vocal box—or the part that goes “RAWR!”) of a velociraptor. They did it all with the magic of 3D printing. Even though these stories are fictional, 3D printing is very real. Lifelike, actually. And we have 2 MakerBot Replicators (3D printers) at the Library you can witness in action.
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What is Loose Parts Play?

By Jocelyn Covert, Staff Member, Bedford Public Library | Remember how our parents used to kick us out of the house with the direction, “Go play!,” and we actually did? We played wherever, with whatever. This is “loose parts play.” It’s certainly not a new concept, but it’s definitely become a new focus for schools, daycares, and libraries.
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