Book a Space

Book a Space

Come in!

You can book a variety of Library spaces, from our innovative Media Studio to premium venues to flexible community spaces and quiet study rooms.

Explore our spaces

First, find the best space for you.

  • Media StudioStudios with special equipment for recording and editing music and video, and more.
  • Community roomsRanging from spaces perfect for small gatherings to larger rooms that can accommodate more than 100 people.
  • Study roomsCozy rooms that fit just a few people and are perfect for private conversations and quiet study.
  • Premium venues: Stunning spaces at our Central Library that can also be booked for after hours and paid events.

How to book

Every Library location is different, but each booking process is simple.

  1. Look for the booking instructions beside the location you have chosen.
  2. Read our Library Room Booking Policy to learn more about how booked spaces can be used. Or give us a call, we can answer your questions.
  3. If the space that you're looking for is booked when you want to use it, we may be able to suggest an alternative.

Did you know?

  • Community Rooms and Premium Venues can be booked up to 6 months in advance.
  • Study rooms are available for Library members and can be booked same-day or up to 7 days in advance - for free.
  • Rental fees vary by space. When there is a rental fee, we have a reduced rate for non-profits and community groups. Rental fees do not include HST.
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