Art Displays

Curious about local art? We are too!

When it comes to the arts, Nova Scotia is spoiled for talent, and we're pleased to feature local art in many of our Library spaces.

From The Sunroom at Central Library to art displayed in our branches, we want to give local artists space to connect with our community and share their vision.

Current Exhibits

The Sunroom at Central Library

From Pen to Hook by Penny Lighthall 

On display until October 26, 2019

Learn all about The Sunroom, its history, and how to apply to share your art in this space.

Alderney Gate Public Library

Information on next art display coming soon. 

Bedford Public Library

On permanent display


Sylvia Ireland

A long-time resident of Bedford, Sylvia Ireland is well known for beautifully showcasing the colours of nature.

Bedford School of Art

The individuality of these young artists jumps from page. Each line drawing finely expresses the imaginative perspectives of the artist, demonstrating the benefits of Bedford School of Art's fun and collaborative instructional style.

Janet Englehart

Capturing the fine elements of nature found in and around Bedford, Janet Englehart's collection of photographs has been a favourite for local residents for years.

Cole Harbour Public Library

Information on next art display coming soon. 

Keshen Goodman Public Library

On display September 2019

Art by Helen M.S. Lee, Inae Kim, Sunmi Eun, and Young Sook Park

Four Korean artists present their love of creation. They find their creative influences in the nature, people and the beauty that surrounds them. The mediums are acrylic, watercolor, and pencil drawing.

Musquodoboit Harbour Public Library

On display September 2019

Art by Joseph Purcell

Internationally renowned Acadian painter and printmaker Joseph Purcell was born in 1954. He was raised in the Acadian village of West Chezzetcook on the rugged Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, the ancestral home of his mother, Delphine Bellefontaine. Studying nature closely as he grew up, he amassed a large collection of insects. This general interest in wildlife influenced him throughout his life.

He now continues to explore the inner space of his environment through painting, drawing, and digital prints. His work reflects a way of life influenced by an appreciation of nature, close family ties, and strong cultural values, as well as the experience of having been raised in a community steeped in traditions and folklore.

Sackville Public Library

Information on next art display coming soon. 

Tantallon Public Library

Information on next art display coming soon. 

Woodlawn Public Library

On display July-October 2019

Art by Margaret Spore 

Margaret Spore was born in 1950 in Blairstown, New Jersey and spent her formative years in California. After receiving an MA in Dance Movement Therapy from the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 1990, Margaret traveled to Buenos Aires where she discovered her life long passion for Argentine tango. She currently promotes and teaches social tango in Halifax and the Maritimes through her business Tangonova.

Margaret took up painting and life drawing with the Dartmouth Art league in 2014. She is indebted to her training in Buddhist practice, as well as her art teachers Kay Stanfield and Jane Schlosberg, for encouraging her bravery in mark-making.