Art Displays

Curious about local art? We are too!

When it comes to the arts, Nova Scotia is spoiled for talent, and we're pleased to feature local art in many of our Library spaces.

From The Sunroom at Central Library to art displayed in our branches, we want to give local artists space to connect with our community and share their vision.

Current Exhibits

The Sunroom at Central Library

On display November 9, 2019 - January 3, 2020

"Summer" by Erin Hollingshead 

Learn all about The Sunroom, its history, and how to apply to share your art in this space.

Alderney Gate Public Library

Information on next art display coming soon. 

Bedford Public Library

On permanent display

Sylvia Ireland

A long-time resident of Bedford, Sylvia Ireland is well known for beautifully showcasing the colours of nature.

Bedford School of Art

The individuality of these young artists jumps from page. Each line drawing finely expresses the imaginative perspectives of the artist, demonstrating the benefits of Bedford School of Art's fun and collaborative instructional style.

Janet Englehart

Capturing the fine elements of nature found in and around Bedford, Janet Englehart's collection of photographs has been a favourite for local residents for years.

Cole Harbour Public Library

Information on next art display coming soon. 

Keshen Goodman Public Library

On display November 2019

Art by Ashwin Hoskote

Ashwin Hoskote is a self-taught art enthusiast who began dabbling in pencil sketching, water colours at the age of 7. His art teacher in elementary school (in India), discovered that he could produce art that was commendable and encouraged him to take up art seriously. His creations cannot be categorized into any genre as he paints for pleasure. Landscapes, flowers, still life are some subjects that he enjoys.

Ashwin attended sessions on watercolours in 2016, conducted at Keshen Goodman Public Library by a renowned artist of Haifax, Ms. Inae Kim. Since then, he has been creating paintings, a few of which are on display here. Other than the rudimentary coaching in elementary school and the sessions at Keshen Goodman Library, Ashwin has had no formal art training and is still an amateur artist. He aspires to be a professional artist someday.

Musquodoboit Harbour Public Library

Information on next art display coming soon. 

Sackville Public Library

On display November 2019.

Art by Mary Lou Whitehorne

Working in both watercolours and acrylics, Whitehorne is primarily a self-taught artist. She studied drawing and painting at NSCAD, participates in workshops with Nova Scotia artists, and recently studied extensively with BC’s Master Painter, Mike Svob. She enjoys working with and learning from other artists. She has been painting seriously for fifteen years.

She is uplifted by mountains, revels in hiking, swimming and paddling, and is inspired by the power and subtlety of nature with its endless variety. Earth’s many and magnificent landscapes, bathed in an ever-changing palette of weather, light and colour, provide infinite subjects of study for her paintbrush.

Tantallon Public Library

Information on next art display coming soon. 

Woodlawn Public Library

On display November 2019-January 2020

Art by Joanne Beauchamp

Joanne Beauchamp was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She began painting with the Dartmouth Art League ten years ago. Joanne is interested in painting animals, abstracts, flowers from her garden and studies of famous artists.