Short Story: Hot Chocolate Encounters

By Teen Blogger, Sally | "The snow intensified outside and instead of waiting for someone to pick us up, I stepped onto the snow-covered pavement with my jacket halfheartedly zipped, and let a few snowflakes reach my tongue. I felt like a kid again, and even though my hands weren’t warm anymore, I knew that the hot chocolate had left its mark like every single cup that came before it did. My story was being written in hot chocolate and mini marshmallows, and I wouldn’t have it any other way."
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Jood’s Brief History of Makeup

By Teen Blogger, Jood | If you're anything like me, you probably wonder a lot. Every day as I do my makeup I wonder: "Where did this come from? What does this mean? Why is this still a thing?" So, for all of us makeup lovers (or just people who are curious about makeup), I’ve decided to do some research and give you a brief timeline on the history of makeup. 
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Theertha Explores the Human Heart

By Teen Blogger, Theertha | "Did you know that your heart is a lifeline to all your organs, making sure that every single one of them works properly? Probably. But, do you know what goes on inside of your heart, and how it helps your other organs work?" Celebrate Science Literacy Week with Teen Volunteer Theertha, as she explores the human heart.
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