Episode 20: Are You Talking to Me?

March 2022

It Came From the Second Floor

Listen up as Library teens give you a rundown of how dark academia could be diversified and bring their take on a mix of modern and classic books, films, and filmmakers.

Part 1: I’ll Give You The Sun

Alison shares her recap and review of the Jandy Nelson masterpiece that circles around friendship, revenge, and tragedy.

Part 2: Two Top Filmmakers

Kian tells us why his two top filmmakers are Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock.

Part 3: Dark Academia

Alisha enlightens us with the subculture and aesthetic of Dark Academia, including its tendency to be Eurocentric and whether or not it's time to abolish it.

Part 4: Favourite Films

Are you talking to me? Kian discusses a few of his favourite films, including Taxi Driver, Don’t Look Up, and Parasite.

Part 5: Comfort Things

Bran and Catherine make their new duo debut and discuss their comfort films and television series, including Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The Ghostbusters trilogy, and Bar Rescue.

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It Came From The Second Floor is a podcast made by teens for teens. While it quite literally comes from the second floor of Halifax Central Library, teens from across the municipality add their voices to the mix. Check our teen podcast blogs for the latest and past episodes.