Episode 21: And Now We Have Spiders

April 2022

It Came From the Second Floor

This time, Library teens talk about a rather drastic change in the Texan curriculum, a 1920s classic read, a social activist and folk singer, and a series of amazing women from mythology.

Part 1: Joan Baez

In honour of International Women's Day, Bran introduces us to Joan Baez, a folk singer and civil rights activist, who used her music to send messages of social change.

Part 2: The Great Gatsby

Ava analyzes F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic 1920s novel and discusses the unreliable narration from the character Nick Carraway.

Part 3: Women in Mythology

Inspired by International Women's Day, Catherine shines the spotlight on some incredible and diverse mythological women from all over the world.

Part 4: The Texas Book Ban

Ava talks about the 850 books that have been removed from the curriculum in Texas and some other states in America, and why these, along with many more, have been banned.

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It Came From The Second Floor is a podcast made by teens for teens. While it quite literally comes from the second floor of Halifax Central Library, teens from across the municipality add their voices to the mix. Check our teen podcast blogs for the latest and past episodes.