Episode 18: You’re An App, Not A Person

January 2022

It Came From The Second Floor

The energetic banter and storytelling chops are peaking into the red for the latest episode of our teen podcast. Now, grab you buds, get comfy, and listen up...

Part 1: If You're Not Listening to Taylor Swift, You're Doing Something Wrong

Alison and Alisha discuss their Spotify Wrapped, legal battles in the music world, and the crossover of their favourite YA books and music.

Part 2: "Deception"

Kian's short story, "Deception," gives us a stream-of-consciousness tale on the dangers of combining loneliness and high sugar caffeinated beverages.

Part 3: Love Triangles & Takin' Down The Government - That's All We Want

Alison and Alisha discuss the books that inspired their love of reading, favourite characters, Youtube, and individuality complexes.

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It Came From The Second Floor is a podcast made by teens for teens. While it quite literally comes from the second floor of Halifax Central Library, teens from across the municipality add their voices to the mix. Check our teen podcast blogs for the latest and past episodes.