Summer Book BINGO for Adults at Central Library

Summer Book Bingo wraps up on August 31

Are you an adult who misses being able to participate in the Summer Reading Club? Then we have a program for you!

Piloting Summer 2023 at Halifax Central Library

Starting in July and running through August, Halifax Central Library will be piloting an all-new summer reading program for adults called Summer Book BINGO!

Visit Central Library to collect your BINGO card at any Info Desk or our Tuesday evening Summer Book Bingo Lemonade Social events, then spend the rest of the summer filling in your squares in exchange for prizes. You’ve officially won the challenge when you have filled in 20 of the 25 squares. Your BINGO card will have all the prompts and contest guidelines you'll need to know to take part.

Read, take part, and win

Did you read a book by a Canadian author? That’s a square!

Did you read a poem or short story? That’s a square!

Did you read the back of a cereal box? Believe it or not, that is also a square!


Your prize for signing up is an adorable literary sticker.

Your prize for the halfway mark (ten squares) is a colourful Pop-It.

And your prize for winning is one of any number of cute book-themed prizes, plus the chance to fill out a ballot to win one of our big door prizes full of Bookmark Halifax swag!

How to collect prizes

You can collect your prizes on Tuesday evenings at Halifax Central Library’s back plaza, where library staff will be running a free lemonade stand for participants. Check out upcoming Summer Book Bingo Lemonade Social events.

The Summer Book Bingo project will wrap up on August 31.

Good luck, and happy reading!