ICFTSF Episode 19: Nothing Worse than Losing a Bet to Your Father

February 2022

It Came From the Second Floor

In this episode, Library teens will help expand your YA reading list, dare you to watch a scary movie, and discuss a revolutionary book destined to become a timeless classic.

Part 1: Pave Your Way Into The New Year

Alison shares 22 YA book suggestions for 2022 with reflections and insights on each to help jumpstart your Goodreads 2022 reading challenge.

Part 2: The Exorcist Bet

Kian shares advice for making winning bets against your parents and discusses the most terrifying film he’s ever seen, The Exorcist!

Part 3: Takin' Down the Government & a Mandatory Love Triangle

Alisha discusses the impact and influence the Hunger Games had on the YA sci-fi trends of the 2010s.​

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It Came From The Second Floor is a podcast made by teens for teens. While it quite literally comes from the second floor of Halifax Central Library, teens from across the municipality add their voices to the mix. Check our teen podcast blogs for the latest and past episodes.