Episode 16: Armless But Not Harmless

October 2021

Just tell them, It Came From The Second Floor

The rush of the fall is fast and flush with happenings. We had books to read, films to watch, and candy to sort. 

Now, grab your buds, get comfy, and listen up...

Part 1: Lush Prose

Alisha entices us into the big top with the colourfully-narrated Erin Morgenstern novel The Night Circus

Part 2: The Republic of Basically No Rights At All

Allison discusses everyone's favourite dystopian nightmare of tyrannical man-splainers in her review of the Margaret Atwood classic turned hit TV series, The Handmaid's Tale.

Part 3: I Don't Think It's Spoopy, You Think It's Spoopy

Kian reviews a few of his favourite horror films, covering a plethora of gore and jump scares capable of startling the most unflappable of Dads.

Part 4: Give Me Back...

Allison mixes it up with a live reading of an original short-yet-spooky story to keep the mood of Halloween - cheap candy and pumpkin spice beverage not included.

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It Came From The Second Floor is a podcast made by teens for teens. While it quite literally comes from the second floor of Halifax Central Library, teens from across the municipality add their voices to the mix. Check our teen podcast blogs for the latest and past episodes.