Episode 14: Quarantine, Sketchers, and Tik Tok

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It Came From The Second Floor is our podcast made by teens, for teens. And, it quite literally comes from the second floor of Central Library—the Media Studio. 

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Episode 14, October 2020

We are back! Our most recent episode of the It Came From the Second Floor Teen Podcast was created in July 2020, and we are proudly sharing it with you today! This episode features the group talking about social media (Tik Tok included), pandemic life, and the Mandela Effect. 

Part 1: The Mandela Effect

Jood and Shelly explain the Mandela Effect and discuss some examples many of us will recognize from pop culture!

Part 2: Pandemic Suggestions

Nour and Manuthi give some suggestions about things you can do, and places you can safely go, in Nova Scotia for your health and entertainment during the pandemic.

Part 3: Considering Tik Tok

Kinan ponders the pros and cons of social media, with a focus on Tik Tok.