Episode 13: Discover, Prepare, and Practice Self-Care

This month's It Came From the Second Floor Teen Podcast celebrates women in film, offers advice on making the transition to high school, and shares self-care tips.

Episode 13, June 2019

Part 1: In Theatres Now
Lola’s Zine! Women in Film

Lola made a zine and well, it rules. It covers a variety of incredible women in all sectors of the film industry from all over the world. Tune in and listen as Lola impresses us with some of the amazing women who have impacted the film industry. She takes us through the zine, speaking on the creation process, reads some of her favourite sections, and much more.

“Make your own Zines, make your own movies, be creative, make art and try to go out of your way to discover things!” – Lola

Guest Segments from Keshen Goodman Library Volunteers

Part 2: What to Expect in High School

Listen in as Nadevni asks James important questions about what to expect when entering high school. James offers great insight from his own experience at Halifax West High School.

Part 3: Self-Care for Teens

Kriti and Naya talk everything self-care, including tips to create a peaceful and calming space around yourself, and helpful suggestions to apply to your daily routine.