From Podcast to Book

Podcasts are more popular than ever.  Listeners can choose from a wide variety of topics, including plenty with fantastic Canadian content.  Recently, CBC’s The Current host, Anna Maria Tremonti, announced that after 17 seasons, she would be leaving The Current to host and produce original podcasts for the CBC. “This move into podcasting will give me an opportunity to do what I love best and explore storytelling in an exciting new way,” Tremonti said. [1]

Books and podcasts: A winning combination

Given the growing popularity of podcasting, it’s not surprising that some podcasters are also choosing to publish books as well. According to The Wall Street Journal, books based on podcasts are “a growing industry niche.” [2] Popular podcasts have massive followings and publishers know that listeners will buy the book. 

Whether you’re looking for fiction or non-fiction, there is a podcast for everyone. Here, we highlight some great books and the podcasts associated with them. Listen to the podcast and then borrow the book! Or, maybe read the book first and then listen to the podcast. We won’t judge. Are we missing your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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